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Welcome to GATTOSI, the most meow-shop!
"Circondati di MICI !!"

Welcome to gattosi.com, the most meow shop where you can find a lot of items with cats, the widest range of objecst for true gattosi-expert who want to be surrounded by cats in every meaning.

From passion for animals, in particular for cats, born this gattosi meow-site 
full of cat-theme objects: gift idea and must-have for cat lovers!

Quality items personally selected, precious and with excellent value for money, make GATTOSI shop a true landmark for cat lovers  =^..^=

On GATTOSI shop you find original objects of famous Chat Noir, with colored cats of Rosina Wachtmeister and Laurel Burch, with mysterious and magic cats of Lisa Parker and many objects of nice and funny Simon's Cat!

GATTOSI are friends of cats but also of all animals, so in the meow-shop you'll find only cruelty-free objects. We also are gattosi-green: we love nature, so you could get your items in recycled packaging.

GATTOSI help unfortunate cats, you can do it!
If you need shop for your cat (food, litter, etc.) click the zooplus banner on homepage: one more step for help associations who care cats.
**Gattoasi**: is a new project born to help cats and animals who need care. Find all the info on dedicated page!
We want to tell you that we never take public what we do for homeless cats, amount of money or objects that we give, because we think it's not the way to get publicity and because our seriousness and professionalism have nothing to do with charity, although they are all equally important.

If you are a new meow-friend of GATTOSI please read FAQ, "Terms & Conditions" and "Privacy Policy" before making a order, and contact us for any questions. Our GATTOSI customer service is available for any support.

We want to thank all the lovely meow-friends that every day buy on GATTOSI shop, confirming us as a store reference for best items inspired by cats  =^..^=

If CATS are your passion GATTOSI will be
your best meow shop!